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Crane semi- trailer

Floor and Kennis crane semi-trailers have long been the leaders in their specific market areas. The crane semi-trailers are available in various lengths, with a variety of axle configurations and steering systems, so that the perfect option is always available to you. Recently, a lightweight variant was also added, which is also available in a variety of axle configurations.

Crane semi- trailer Brochure


  • Crane capacity 20tm-55tm
  • Crane track 1.300 of 1.250 mm chassis runner
  • Crane track 2.250/2.280 of 2.420 mm frame runner
  • Skeleton drop sides
  • Aluminium rims
  • Bulkhead steel or aluminium
  • Open or closed rear side
  • Floor steel/hardwood
  • Floor completely steel or hardwood
  • Floor steel combinated with rubber (TÜV-certified)
  • Diverse lighting models

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