Curtainsider trailers

Stepdeck trailers

The Pacton stepdeck trailers are designed for the heavy demands of Dutch and Scandinavian drivers and are a part of Pacton’s heavy duty assortment. Whether it involves a stepdeck trailer with sliding sheet mount, an open type with lateral boards, or a stepdeck trailer with a ramp for transporting things like other machines, AWPs, etc., there are countless variations possible and an extensive option package that ensure you will always get the model that suits you best.


  • Diverse lighting models
  • Manual or hydraulically extendable centre en/or rear achter
  • Curtainsider execution
  • Various models of tailgates
  • Beavertail
  • Different length available
  • Coupling weight 12 tons up to 18 tons – depending on model
  • Manual or hydraulically operated ramps
  • Different steeringsystems
  • Special executions
  • 2 up to 4 axles
  • To widen entry
  • Fixed, lifting or sliding roof

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